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Supernatural Fan Video Awards


Awards for all the amazing fan videos out there
that have been made by Supernatural fans.
Please click here for rules/guidelines/catagories etc.


Dear Supernatural family -

Everyone has been through a tough time so far this season. Losing Cas, the Impala, and now possibly Bobby. So I think it’s time to bring back some joy to the fandom.

This year I will hosting the Supernatural fan video awards. A lot of people work exceptionally hard creating amazing pieces of video art to share with the family. I think it’s about time we celebrate that.

So, there will be certain categories to enter,  and the fandom will vote on their favourites. Then, out of the winners of each category, I will choose one overall winner who will win a prize. (Yet to be confirmed as to what the prize will be, but it will be something you can keep, like a SPN T-shirt or something.) and 5 runners up will win smaller prizes.

Here are the catagories -

  • Best Season 1 Video
  • Best Season 2 Video
  • Best Season 3 Video
  • Best Season 4 Video 
  • Best Season 5 Video
  • Best Season 6 Video
  • Best Dean Video
  • Best Sam Video
  • Best Castiel Video
  • Best Bobby Video
  • Best other minor/major character video
  • Best Ship Video (Any Ship - Destiel, Wincest, etc)
  • Best Brothers Video
  • Best Sad Video
  • Best Funny Video
  • Best Singular episode video
  • Best whole series so far video

I will also be posting Honourable Mention vids - meaning if you can’t find a category for your vid - I will still be posting it.


Rules/Guidelines -

  • You can nominate your own videos - but you CANNOT vote for yourself.
  • ALL nominations will be added to the categories.
  • VOTES ARE CONFIDENTIAL. If you send me an ask with a vote, and you don’t want to turn on anon, then don’t worry, I won’t be posting any of the asks with votes.
  • You can put one video into more than one category - for example, if your video is a Dean-centric video and is only set in one episode, and is a sad video - you can enter it into all three categories. (Dean, Singular Ep, and Sad video)
  • There is no vote limit. If you want to vote for one video in one category a million times, you can. I know what this family is like, we get a little overexcited when it comes to voting.
  • Votes will be counted one of two ways - Through my ask box - (supernaturalvideoawards.tumblr.com/ask) OR by reblogging the video you would like to vote for, and adding the word ‘VOTE’.
  • If you are rooting for a video, or your video is up for nomination, I suggest you follow me. It’s not obligatory, you can still win if you don’t follow, but you may not find out the results as quickly.
  • Voting will end on the 31st January, 2012. YOUR VOTES WILL NOT BE COUNTED AFTER THIS TIME.
  • Winners of each category will be announced during February.
  • Overall winner and 5 runners up will be announced shortly afterwards. I will be making the final decision on the overall winner (I will have nothing to do with who wins the categories).

How to nominate yours or someone elses video:

If you want a video nominated, please do one of two things:

Head on over into my ask, and link me to a video. I will then post this video onto my blog, or reblog it if you have linked me to the tumblr it is on.


Go to my ‘submit' page, and submit a video, or a link to a video, over there.

You CAN nominate yourself, but you CANNOT vote for yourself.

If you have any questions about the awards, don’t hesitate to send me an ask.

Good luck!


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